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Nail Extensions

Nail Extensions

Get Beautiful Nails At Ajman's Favorite Nail Art Salon.

Hair Care

World Class Hair Care Treatments By Trained Professionals.


Essential & Luxury Facial Treatments For A Glowing You.



Expert Massage Services For A Truly Relaxing & Rejuvenating Experience.

Dream Come True Hair Styles

Picture Perfect Nail Art


Just Nails Beauty Salon offers a large range of nail styling services. These include popular Nail styling services such as standard, French and Gelish manicures. Simply tell us what you are looking for and let our experts make it happen. We use modern products and methods in all of our beauty services.

At Just Nails, we work hard to bring out your inner glow. Our expert Nail Art specialists are proficient in a large range of artwork application methods and a large range of designs.

Be bold, be daring, be simply beautiful!

Hair Treatment

Glam up with an all new hairstyle to take your look to an all new level. Get that Hollywood glow and get ready for the red carpet with our full range of hair care and styling services. Choose a classic look or go for an all new hair-do that will leave your loved ones stunned with admiration.

At Just Nails Ladies Salon, we know that your hair is your crown. That is why we work extra-hard to make sure that your hair is always looking amazingly beautiful - made perfectly for every special evening and occasion.

FACIALS & Threading

Look picture perfect with our threading and facial services. Revitalize your skin with our amazing facials and sharpen up your looks with our picture-perfect threading services. Relax in the comforting ambiance of our salon and let our professional staff pamper you. Choose an all-in-one package or tell us what you're looking for and we will have you ready for the red carpet in no time!

Life's too short! Go ahead and treat yourself!

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At Just Nails Beauty Salon, you can lie back and let our expert team take all of your stress and worries away. We world carefully and steadily to draw out all of the stress locked in your body, allowing you to feel refreshed from within.

Our experienced masseuses are proficient in a wide variety of massage techniques and follow international physical therapy protocols to ensure that all massage sessions deliver long lasting results and deep-tissue relaxation.

Tell us about your strenous physical schedule and feel the stress fade away as our experts work to give you a royal treatment.


At Just Nails Beauty Salon, you can get rid of all of the toxic redundancy that is weighing down on your skin and reducing the natural glow of your skin. Our waxing services leave you looking fresh and vibrant.

All of our waxing services are carried out using world-class products and implemented using expert methods that are virtually painless during application. The expert staff works carefully and precisely to ensure that our clients feel safe and pampered during the waxing session.


"I never knew that nails could be so glamorous until I met these brilliant women! These girls really know how to complete and complement an evening ensemble. And I love the friendly professionalism with which they work. None of that uptight nonsense, just good old warm and friendly professionalism."

Marina Khan


"Me and my sisters had been trying to find a reliable nail salon for almost a year. We had tried all of the popular parlors and the expensive spas. In the end, Just Nails was the answer to our prayers. It is comforting to go to them. They know their business and they are true professionals who understand beauty."

Valetta Collins


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